The Farmer’s Table


Enjoy a Paska Bun from our Café!
Paska Bun $4.29 each

Pick up some Easter Buns from now until Easter Weekend, while supplies last:
Hot Cross Buns $3.99/6pk
Paska Buns 4 pack $7.99

Pre-Order your Paska Loaves!
(604) 851 5377 ext. 121 for the Cafe
Limited quantity loaves will be available, but give us a call before Easter to guarantee a loaf.
Paska Loaf with Icing $7.99 each
Paska Mini Loaf $6.99 each


Above: Banana Split Mocha (with raspberry syrup), White Chocolate Matcha Latte and Butterscotch Steamed Milk

Sharing Our Best Every Day

Come and enjoy delicious daily lunches inspired by some of our favourite family recipes, from homemade-style soups, sandwiches, salads and hot entrees to fresh baked goods. Enjoy them while sitting at our island, on our covered patio, or take them home to share with your family. You can also participate in our award-winning cooking classes with guest chefs like Rob Feenie, Anna Olson, Vikram Vij and other talented local chefs.