Pork & Poultry


The chickens grown at Lepp Farms in Abbotsford are raised on an antibiotic free, all-vegetable diet. They are cage free and have ample space to freely roam and scratch, which provides an optimal, low stress environment for natural, tender meat.

Also raised on Lepp Farms in Abbotsford, our pigs live in roomy pens, leading to less stress, better health and more tender meat. We feed them only the highest quality grains supplemented with liquid whey, and their all-vegetable diet is antibiotic free. Our butchers make fresh cuts daily for the tastiest smoked ham and bacon you’ll ever try. Our pigs are not given any antibiotics, and like other Canadian pork, are not given any added growth hormones.

From chorizo to garlic, Lepp Farm Market’s sausage is a popular seller. Handmade in-house by our butchers in a variety of seasonal flavours, our sausages are made with quality Lepp Farm meats our customers have come to enjoy.

At times we are required to sell other locally raised farm-fresh poultry and we do our best to ensure it is raised to our same high standards. We care about our animals and we will administer medications if it is necessary for the animal’s well-being.