Weekly Specials & Features
Effective from Friday, April 28 – Thursday, May 4
While supplies last, no rain checks available.


Meat Features

Baron of Beef Roasts $7.49/lb (Reg. $8.99)
Lepp’s Extra Lean Ground Beef $6.59/lb (Reg. $8.29)
Marinated Chicken Legs $3.99/lb (Reg $5.49)
You’re one step closer to getting dinner on the table with Lepp’s marinated chicken legs. Available in a wide variety of seasonings and sauces, come on in to see what we have this week.
Boneless Pork Butt Roast $6.49/lb (Reg $8.49)


Deli Specials & Features

Lepp’s Pizza Salami 25% Off
Lepp’s Pizza Pepperoni $1.29/100g (Reg $1.79)
Lepp’s Beef Summer Sausage $2.69/100g (Reg. $3.19)


Produce Features

Organic Strawberries 1lb: $4.99/ea
All BC Greenhouse Peppers: 2.99/lb
BC Eggplant: $0.99/ea
Delicious Import Watermelon: $4.99/ea
Large Peruvian Pomegranates: $3.99/ea


Grocery Features

New Baking Products!

Anna’s Dutch Cocoa Powder $4.49
Bitarome Almond Extract $5.99
Epicureal Vanilla Beans $6.99

That’s right – real vanilla beans, still in tact for a pure vanilla bean flavour.  Here are some ideas we’ve found on putting this ingredient to good use!


Bakery Features

Ciabatta  Buns $4.99 (4 pack)


Home Features

Tea Towels $8.99

Dish Cloth 2 Pack $7.99