Specials & Features

Effective from Friday, Jan 18
– Thursday, January 24

While supplies last, no rain checks.

Meat Specials & Features

New to the Market: Sustainably Raised Local Shrimp!
Find out what sets these shrimp apart, straight from the farmer.

Fresh Shrimp Tails

Fresh Shrimp (head on)

Lepp’s New York Striploin Steak $19.99/lb (Reg $25.99)

Lepp’s Inside Round Roast $7.99/lb (Reg $8.99)

Lepp’s Oven Ready Marinated Pork Chops (Boneless) $9.49/lb (Reg $10.79)

Deli Features

Note: When these were originally posted, last week’s deli specials were posted by mistake! These are the correct specials, updated Jan 18. 
Smoked Pork Butt Shoulder Steaks 25% off

Smoked Beef Ring 25% off
Beef Pepperoni 25% off
Produce Specials & Features

Grapefruit 2 for $2 or $1.29 each

Cara Cara Oranges $1.99/lb

Blood Oranges $1.99/lb

Minneola Oranges $1.99/lb

Grocery Specials & Features

Triple Smoke Spices

  • $6.99

Fresh is Best Taco Seasoning

  • $8.99

Fresh is Best Salsa- Mild or Medium

  • $5.99

Fresh is Best Taco Shells

  • $5.29

Lepp’s Marble or Medium Cheddar

  • $15.99