Monthly Archives: February 2016

Rooster Brand Sriracha Sauce…a Visit and a ‘FABLE’

If you were at the market last week Monday, you might have noticed a few buses pull in, and a lot of people milling around.  Those were our people!  We belong to the North American Farm Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA, for short!), and 200 of the finest farmers and agri-entertainment people in the continent held […]

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Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce

Let’s answer some of the most important questions right at the start. How do you pronounce it? SIR-AH-CHA! What does it mean? It’s the name of a seaside town in Thailand where the first sauce of it’s type was made and because of that, Huy Fong is not able to trademark the name. Is Huy […]

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Alisa the Great!

Alisa is our February Employee of the Month! At Lepp Farm Market, we have four core values that we look for in our employees… Win As A Team, Work Passionately, Respect for All, and Fanatical Day Makers. The employee that you’re about to learn about exemplifies not one, but all four core values and in doing so has set an example for the rest of our Lepp […]

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