Did you miss Applelooza?

Buy apple juice online for a limited time!

Over the weekend we had the Mobile Juice Factory here pressing Okanagan apples into 100% pure apple juice. If you didn’t make it out to the market, you can still pick up 5L boxes on your next visit. Quantities are limited, and when it’s gone it’s gone until next year!

Or, buy it online for a limited time!
Online orders end on Wednesday, Oct 7 at 4pm.


Featuring the Mobile Juice Factory

Watch the Mobile Juice Factory in action from 10am - 2pm

5L boxes of apple juice will be available for purchase! This juice is a combination of Ambrosias and Granny Smith apples, for a balanced flavour. Good for 9 months unopened (best before July 2021), or 3 months when opened. Because of the vacuum seal, it never needs to be refrigerated.

Apple Sale!

Our biggest apple sale of the year

Fill a bag of mixed apples (10lbs)
Ambrosia Boxes (30lbs)
Ambrosia & Spartan Bags (10lbs)
Bulk Apples
Apple Fritters

Stay tuned for pricing!

New! Apple Express Station

Our new Apple Express Station will be open this weekend only. Payment for apples, apple juice and apple fritters is accepted outside of the market so that you can maintain physical distance.

Applelooza Weekend Sales

Prices Valid Sat, Oct 3 & Sun, Oct 4

Apple Juice 5L Box

One Box $25
Three Boxes $70
Five Boxes $110

Fill a Mix Bag of Apples for $10 (we supply the bag)

Ambrosia Boxes $25 each (30lbs)

Ambrosia or Gala 5lb Bags 2 for $10 (or $6 each)

Bulk Okanagan Apples $1.25/lb

Hot Apple Fritters 3 for $5
Pay at any till and pick up at our outdoor fritter tent.

Applelooza Weekend Prices To Be Announced Here Soon

Apple Juice 5L

One Box $25
Three Boxes $70
Five Boxes $110

Pressed right here at the market from Okanagan Apples

Fill a Mixed Bag of Apples

$10 each.
We supply the bag.

Choose from over 10 varieties of Okanagan apples.

Ambrosia Boxes

$25 each.
Boxes are 30lbs

Okanagan Grown

Bulk Apples


Choose from over 6 varieties of Okanagan apples

5lb Apple Bags

$6 each (2 for $10)
Choose from Ambrosia or Gala

Grown in the Okanagan

Apple Fritters

3 for $5

Hot apple fritters, made with Okanagan apples


• Is it apple juice or apple cider?

It is 100% pure apple juice with nothing added, not from concentrate. It can be called apple cider, as people on the east coast use that term to refer to pure, cloudy apple juice. It is non-alcoholic.

• Will you have juice for sale after the event weekend?

We always press enough to have juice for several weeks after the event. However, it completely depends on how quickly it sells.

• How long does the juice last?

The shelf life is 9 months if left unopened, or 3 months if opened.

• Why does the apple juice have such a long shelf life?

The juice is flash-pasteurized, then vacuum sealed into an airtight bag inside the box. The spout is designed to not allow air into the bag, so it stays good outside of the fridge for months!

• Does the apple juice need to be refrigerated?

No, not even after you open it! The boxes can be stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun and away from heat.

Live Music with Ryan McAllister

Acoustic Set from 11am - 2pm

Enjoy the musical stylings of local musician Ryan McAllister.

Celebrate Apple Season With Us!

At Lepp Farm Market in Abbotsford

33955 Clayburn Rd, Abbotsford, BC. Located on the corner of Highway 11 & Clayburn Rd.