Market Concierge

Create a great guest experience while keeping on top of sanitization and monitoring the flow of foot traffic into the market.

Our concierge role is more than just sanitizing carts & baskets for our guests. It’s engaging with our guests as they arrive, and setting the tone for a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience. A successful concierge loves chatting with people and has a good grasp on the physical distancing habits prescribed by health authorities.

Performance Expectations

Preventing overcrowding is critical during these times. Our concierge must be aware of the number of guests in the market at all times by keeping count and communicating with the team. The people skills of maintaining a friendly demeanor are just as important as sanitizing every cart and basket after use. 

Relevant experience is always great, but we’re more interested in finding keen learners who genuinely love interacting with people. 

Work Perks

  • Flexible scheduling and daytime hours.
  • An active and social work day. 
  • 25% Staff Discount