They had me at “contadino.”

That was after I learnt that translated from Italian to English, it meant “farmer.” Now I was intrigued and ready to sample! Just like tasting a fine wine, there is a technique for tasting olive oil. First, you place it in a wineglass and cup the glass with your hands to warm it slightly. Then you swirl the cup, close your eyes and inhale the aromas. Only then do you take it into your mouth, sharply drawing air in through your teeth as you would slurp a long noodle. I dare you to try that trick in front of your loved ones and keep a straight face! But that’s precisely what we did with this olive oil.

Even if you aren’t brave enough to try this technique, taste just the olive oil and let the smooth taste linger on your tongue. After tasting the creamy and buttery flavour with just a lingering sharpness at the back of the throat, we knew this would be a unique olive oil to have available for Christmas. The story behind it only cemented our resolve. Made from this year’s harvest, the olive oil comes from olives grown and hand-picked in Sicily and cold-pressed within 12 hours of harvest. In its unfiltered and natural state, the colour is a rich jewel-green. The slightly spicy aftertaste will soften over time, much like a fine wine.

Drizzle it on a salad or bruschetta, pour some of the liquid gold into a small dish and dip a piece of warm crusty bread into it. Or gift it to a friend who delights in extraordinary culinary tastes. In this year of staying home, let the beauty and flavour of this Italian luxury transport you to the rocky hillsides of Sicily, where the warm breezes of the Mediterranean create the perfect climate for a premium flavour.

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