Farmer Rob has gone a little crazy!

August 20, 2015

Rob Ears It’s been one long hot summer…

Let’s all celebrate everything good that has grown so bountifully at our

Farmer Rob has been privileged to befriend feisty 91-year-old Ruth, an Osoyoos orchardist who is a wealth of local history knowledge and healthy tree fruit practices.  Yes, you read that right, she’s 91 and still going strong!  Recently she told him that  “the best fertilizer is a farmer’s  footsteps” as she relayed that her late husband and her were acquainted with each tree in their orchard, almost by name, and so could respond to tree health issues quickly as well as determine the optimum time to harvest. This resonated deeply with him, as nightly corn field checks and Osoyoos orchard walk-arounds have been standard practice for him for years.  Our “From the Farmer’s Field” event this weekend is the time to celebrate and reap the benefits of all those farmer’s footsteps as we highlight Lepp Farms grown corn and and the never ending supply of our beautiful sun-sweetened strawberries, as well as juicy peaches and the start of the apple season from our Osoyoos orchard.

  The popular corn roaster will be on site cooking up buttery corn on the cob, we have our daily corn eating contest at 1 pm, a peach pie bake-off at 2pm on Sunday, as well as an antique tractor and grain threshing display, free kids’ activities and toe-tapping music by the ever-popular JD Miner. Plus, we all benefit from Farmer Rob’s footsteps through the Oliver-Osoyoos area as he has met many like-minded, dedicated and hard-working farmers on his twice-weekly orchard trips.  He’s rounded up as many of the best Okanagan plums and pears,  rosy-hued Red Russian garlic, sun ripened Roma and field tomatoes, melons and squashes as he can fit in his truck to be here for the weekend.  And he’s ready to give them to you at the best possible prices he can.  We’ve had many people comment how sorry they were to buy peaches in the Okanagan, when we offer them at Lepp Farm Market at the best price they’ve seen anywhere!
So come on down and visit us on this special weekend as you don’t want to miss out on this end of summer fruit and vegetable extravaganza.  September, and the inevitable winding down of the best produce that our bountiful province has to offer is right around the corner!