It’s Your Turn to Tango!

May 15, 2014


(Nope…we won’t look quite like this…at all.)

Tango shoes? Check. And in the process found another great locally owned business I’d never explored before – Jazz-Ma-Tazz on Montrose Ave.

Tango dress? Double check. Happy dance in the dressing room as I found something that worked AND I can wear it again to other events. (I know all women say that, but do we really mean it?)

Routine nailed down? Almost! All the steps have been memorized and now it’s time tolearn to relax the furrowed brow, quit counting out loud – slow slow quick quick slow, smile and try to “glide smoothly” around the dance floor with at least a small amount of the grace and finesse of our wonderful dance instructor, Andrew at Dancing for Dessert. Let me tell you, he is one patient man!

The sight of Rob and I sweating, stumbling and sashaying around our garage nightly as we try to nail down the routine? Priceless, I’m sure. Our garage floor has never been so cleanly swept as these last few weeks.

Now it’s your turn. I’m trying not to take it personally, but I do think that with all the extra practicing we’re doing, at least a handful of you need to vote for us through a tax deductible donation to the Abbotsford Community Foundation. You can vote by clicking here. Please! Every donation counts as a vote for us and you don’t need to be at the Gala tovote, it can all be done online. TODAY! The whole reason we said yes to this crazy idea was not to try and win some shiny trophy but to help raise some money for the city we love. Believe me, we’re not under any illusion that there will be any kind of award at the end of this!

So I’m going to humbly and unashamedly appeal to you, my Lepp Farm Family and ask you to please vote for us with your donation. Take a tango step or two along with me towards supporting the excellent Abbotsford Community Foundation and the local charities that benefit from them, and if I’m courageous enough and we didn’t fall on our faces, I promise I’ll post a video of the dance after the Gala is over.