Balsamic Roasted Apple-Toast with Smoked Cheddar, Toasted Walnuts & Smak Dab Maple Mustard

by Canadian Chef Carly Minish, creator of Smak Dab Mustards

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Photo by Pauline Boldt, recipe originally published by Smak Dab Mustard

I’m going to bet the farm (figuratively only, of course) that you are probably unaware that Canada is the world’s leading mustard seed grower, providing up to 80% of the world’s supply, exporting the majority of the crop to be refined into…you guessed it…mustard!

The hot, dry Prairie summers and long, cold winters are ideal conditions for the yellow, brown and Oriental seeds of this short growing season crop. So it’s only natural that it took a small-town Prairie chef to create the best line of flavoured mustards I have ever tasted.

While apprenticing in a fine dining establishment, young Chef Carly quickly learned the versatility of mustard and how effortlessly adding a spoonful to marinades, salad dressings, sauces, and meats could take dishes to new heights. After experimenting on her friends by adding quintessential Canadian flavours like beer, cranberries, and maple syrup, Smak Dab Mustard was born and in two short years, she has been named the “2017 Rising Star” by Food and Beverage Manitoba. But my favourite part of her story is that her 82-year-old Grandfather works on the assembly line with her!

You won’t get much more Canadian than this month’s Smak Dab original recipe, featuring Lepp’s Osoyoos orchard apples, Canadian smoked cheddar and Smak Dab maple mustard!  This creative and easy small bite will be the star of your next dinner party as you surprise and delight the friends around your table with this uniquely Canadian product.


3-5 small orchard apples, skin on, quartered, cored

2 tsp brown sugar

2 tsp melted honey

1 tbsp melted butter


2 sprigs of thyme

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Smak Dab Maple Mustard

your favourite bread, sliced or use a baguette to make an appetizer


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Set your bread and balsamic vinegar aside, and combine the rest of the ingredients in a pan. Roast for 30 minutes, or until the apples are golden and soft, stirring occasionally to coat them in the ingredients. Add balsamic vinegar, and roast another 15 minutes, until the apples are sticky and very golden.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, and allow the apple mixture to cool slightly.

Using your favorite bread (or a baguette for crostinis), arrange a layer of smoked cheddar on as many slices as you’d like and melt in the oven. Once melted, add a layer of the balsamic apples, and drizzle with SMAK DAB Canadian Maple Mustard. Finish with toasted walnuts and DIG IN!!!