Roasted Roma Tomato Flatbread

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roasted roma tomato flatbread

There’s really no recipe for this flatbread. Slather some of your favorite pesto (my favourite locally made pesto is Golda’s Pesto, which we sell at the market) store-bought or homemade, on a flatbread, top with my favourite Roasted Roma Tomato Mix. Slice up some bocconcini cheese, lay the circles on the flatbread, or toss some of your favorite grated cheese on it. I love my Island Grillstone for these kinds of things, as it produces a heat similar to a pizza oven, and because there’s no flare-ups, it doesn’t burn the bread. My flatbread was a very thin one, so it literally took 5 minutes on the grill. Farmer Rob, being the meat-loving guy he is, grilled up some of his favorite spicy Italian sausage, sliced it and lay it on the top. And that was a good thing, he said!