January 30, 2015


“To Sports or not to Sports, that is the question….”

I admit it, I’ve never been a big sports fan. None of my family is particularly athletic and I was one of only TWO GIRLS that got cut from the Grade 8 girls basketball team. Which wasn’t necessarily a reason to shatter my confidence except that they kept TWENTY of them on the team. Reason #1 I have zero confidence in my athletic abilities. But I’m not bitter anymore. Well, OK, maybe just a little bit. However, I married into a sports-of-any-kind LOVING family and the TV was always on, constantly and irritatingly flicking between channels depicting anything remotely sports related. The Lepps also love to golf, and so as an idealistic young bride I thought maybe I would have to give this golf thing a fair try. After all, the game involved a minimum of four hours of time away from my new husband and I wanted to be with him. So I convinced Farmer Rob (who had a 3 handicap at the time) that he should at least try to teach me how to golf. After the second hole he gently cupped (pun intended) my face in his hands and LOVINGLY declared that “maybe golf isn’t your game”. Reason #2 my confidence in my athletic ability is very low.

However as our boys got involved in various sports teams, I always enjoyed watching them and figured out the basics of hockey and basketball, and even dozed through the occasional Sunday afternoon golf tournament on TV. But then there’s football. I gave it an honest effort to grasp how the game WORKED, but whenever Farmer Rob started to explain it to me he would get as far as saying “so the team gets 4 chances to get 10 yards” and then his voice would fade away as he became completely immersed in the game. I would sigh and go read my book, which is what I really wanted to do in the first place. But Seahawks fever has hit our family and last year I joined the Superbowl party as we watched the Seahawk’s exciting win. That EARNED me the right to accompany Rob to this year’s season OPENER in Seattle on a sunny late summer day and THANKFULLYmy daughter-in-law sat next to me and patiently explained the basics of the game. The enthusiasm of the crowd was an unforgettable experience and afforded me excellent people watching OPPORTUNITIES. Those are some dedicated fans! Here are my actual Facebook posts from the game:

Apparently I’m living the dream. My first NFL game ever!
Go Hawks! Lessons I’ve learnt so far:

1. Wear earplugs

2. There are A LOT of people in the stadium

3. Sadly I could never be a Sea Gal cuz my hair isn’t long enough to fling around

4. You are expected to high five EVERYONE within arm’s reach when the Seahawks score a touchdown.

5. THANKS Jayne for explaining that it’s like war

6. It’s good to have a woman with you who will explain the game. THANKSKacey

7. The Sea Gals change outfits at half time

8. The guy behind you will tap you on the shoulder to high five you if you don’t cooperate.

9. The guy behind me now calls me mom.

10. By the third quarter I’m catching on. (I was able to appropriately join the crowd as they cheered “and that’s a Seahawks first down” and point in the right direction. I’m very proud of that fact)

So this SUPERBOWL Sunday you will find me in front of a TV cheering my heart out for my new favorite team. Our kitchen team is ready with an excellent take out menu selection so that you can spend the day watching the big game instead of preparing food for a crowd.

Go Hawks!