Thank you for celebrating with us at our From the Farmer’s Field Event!

August 28, 2015

You came, you ate, you took advantage of the great specials, you enjoyed the tractor show, toe-tapped along with JD Miner, and your kids burnt up some energy bouncy in the chuckwagon and climbing the wall.  Judging by the amount of boxes of peaches and tomatoes and bags of corn that left the market in your carts, we consider “From the Farmer’s Field” to be a rousing success! Thanks for coming out to enjoy this fun event, and for supporting our own Lepp Farms and orchard, as well as the many other local farmers that proudly supply our produce department with their BC grown fruits and vegetables.  I also want to express our deep appreciation to our Peach Pie contest entries, all of which were a masterpiece and deserved to win first place.  Thanks to the judges – Mayor Henry Braun, Tracy Dueck, owner of Tracycakes Bakery and Cafe, our own Market Chef Nick and Operations Manager Ryan who paid the ultimate sacrifice and tested and tasted their way through 19 different peach pies!  Congratulations to our winners Bonnie Hayden, from our Lepp Farm Family category, for her “Burst of Peach Surprise” Pie, and also to Jaida and McKenna Barata, from our staff category for their
“Whiskey Peach Surprise Pie.”

Sadly, the incredible growing season we’ve all enjoyed this summer is starting to wind down.  The coveted front-of the-market spot that the peaches have held for weeks is slowly being replaced by squashes, apples and pears.  Tomatoes will hang around for a bit longer, but not much longer, so if you’re still thinking of canning, roasting or freezing tomatoes to enjoy all winter, now’s the time.  And Farmer Rob is lobbying to move Halloween to September 30, as our pumpkins are already a golden orange!  You don’t mind if we do that, do you?  It’s with mixed emotions that we reluctantly acknowledge August drawing to a close, and start to think about back to school, Thanksgiving, and an overdose of pumpkin everything.  It’s been a fruitful (pun intended) summer and we thank you for your incredible support!