The Fun One & the Facilitator

June 25, 2015

WARNING:  being a fan of the TV show Modern Family is going to help you through this one!

by Jenn Schotts, LFM Marketing Manager

My husband, Steve and I love the TV show Modern Family.  As many of our friends and family can tell you, we don’t just love it because it is hilarious (which it is!), we love it because mirrored in the characters of Claire and Phil Dunphy, are Steve and Jenn Schotts.  In addition to being a large child, my husband is the
goofy and funny one in our house, and I, well I tend to be a little more, ahem, uptight! Balance, right?
The key to our fairly happily run household is that I am the facilitator of the fun, and Steve is well, the main circus act!  And never the two shall crossover. Just as the episode went where Claire and Phil switched roles, I can’t imagine the awkward looks from our three kids if I tried to do anything with Lego that doesn’t involve cleaning it up, or if I was to say, leave my socks on the floor or consume exclusively cereal for a snack.  These are best done by Steve.  Likewise, making jam, wiping counters and ensuring that the fridge is well stocked are likely not habits my husband is going to adopt any time soon. I believe that as families grow and evolve everyone gravitates to the roles that are best suited to them.  Mine is FOOD. Mostly because I love to cook (and yes, eat!), but quite a bit these days because I have zero athletic ability. So no matter how fun a game of catch looks, it’s best for us all if I avoid injury and keep to the kitchen, feeding my all too hungry brood.

As soon as I leave the market every day, I am on the run. If one of my three little charming children isn’t playing baseball (I am banking on big dollars in the Major Leagues, preferably with the Yankees, but no pressure boys), we are on our way to dance, or more, and more, and more baseball.  When the opportunity strikes for me to gaze dozily at my phone’s Facebook or Pinterest page, it is always either that next awesome recipe that the entire family will happily eat that I am on the hunt for, or ……photos of my family on what feels like the other side of the world.  My two gorgeous nieces live in Auckland with my far away brother and sister in law.  I have only met my oldest niece once and am sad to say I have not had the good fortune of a happy snuggle with baby Ava quite yet.  My Mom and Dad have made the journey a couple times of year, and this time, I received a big treat from my sister in law.  Her favourite cook books by Top Chef Finalist NZ, Chelsea Winter, made the long plane ride home with my folks and I have been had my nose firmly buried in both books ever since, lost in their pages as if they were the latest Jeanette Walls, or Gillian Flynn fiction novels that I love so much.

So as I combed through I discovered this delicious pasta dishand I knew that it would please the entire family’s palate.  I especially love recipes that include all ingredients that are right outside my office door, including BC Sockeye Salmon that is not in the least bit wasted in the fresh creamy ingredients that are all eventually topped by something that Miss Winter refers to as lemon cheeks?

When you find out where a lemon’s cheeks are, let me know!

Enjoy, and finish the night with a simple Cherry Crisp.  Can you believe how early cherries were this year?  I always thought that pitting cherries was too much of a pain to bother, but last night I took home our new push button cherry pitting tool and what can I say?  A life changed.
(Yes, we sell them – Char sources the best gadgets around, though I am running
out of kitchen drawer space!)
Facilitators need a lot of tools of the trade;)