Where Our Heart Desires to Dwell

January 16, 2014


A special guest post by Marketing Coordinator, Sarah

My first house that I was old enough to remember was a three-bedroom, two-bath white and blue beauty at the end of a cul-de-sac. I remember spending my evenings doing homework on our round kitchen table, covering the pavement in chalk before Dad came home from work, and watching Disney movies on my favourite hot pink bean bag chair in our brick walled basement. It painted the picture in my mind of what home was to me: comfortable, safe and full of love.

Since then, I have moved twice, gone to university (which became like a second home), moved into my own basement suite and eventually bought my first home. As I’ve gotten older, previous definitions of what I thought of the simple word “home” have evolved. Photos on the walls have changed, kitchens have been renovated, floor boards have been replaced and all of the memories that have painted “home” for me make me wonder… is “home” just a place, or is it actually something more?

Last month, while being preoccupied with Christmas and an already busy life of work, friends, planning our wedding and everything that 2014 was promising I found myself craving home. A breather was needed, rest was welcome, and the idea of sinking back to my childhood memories sounded like perfection. As I was surrounded by my nearest and dearest the refreshing feeling of home shone through. This sparked the idea that “home” was much less like a four wall structure but instead, home was long conversations with dearly missed aunts, my fiance’s family blending with mine, creating new traditions and sharing a hot cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning with my Mom.

Over the season I learned just how important it is to appreciate the home that I have-the people, moments and memories that are dear to me and give me shelter in ways four walls and a roof never could. The road to home is one full of acknowledging that most things in our lives will change…the streets we live on, the color of our hair and the people we may make memories with. The things that do not change, and truly matter, are those gatherings that happen during Christmas, the appreciative coffee dates, and the reflective conversations with loved ones. This is what I learned over Christmas…home is not only where our heart lives but also where our hearts desire to dwell.