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Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Topped with Pan-Fried Apples


Scroll to the bottom for more details!



1/3 cup Oatally Awesome Apple Cinnamon Oats

2/3 cup water or milk of your choice

1 apple, chopped

1 tsp butter

Brown sugar to taste

Optional Add-ins:

Peanut Butter (We recommend Fatso!)

Chia Seeds

Any other toppings you may like


Pick up a bag of Oatally Awesome Apple Cinnamon oats and cook them to the package directions. These oats are full of specialty ingredients like flax seed, hemp hearts, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, goji berries, raisins, and no added sugar!

Chop up any apple you’d like and sautee it in a frying pan with butter & brown sugar until golden brown.

Put it all together and top it with whatever you’d like!