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Cedar Plank Steak Tacos


The steak is pre-seasoned with Triple Smoke Butcher’s Blend and includes grilling directions on the back of the package! If you follow them precisely to the minute, (set your timer folks!), you’ll be rewarded with the most tender slices of beef.


Lepp’s Cedar Plank Steak

Solecito Corn Tortillas (make sure to heat them up on the bbq!)


White Onion

Fresh Lime Juice

Del Primo Salsa (available at the market!)


Remove plank and steak from package. Remove steak from cedar plank and put plank on BBQ over medium high heat. When grill comes to temperature, sear meat approximately 2 minutes per side, then place on cedar plank over direct heat for about 10 minutes, or until cooked to desired doneness.

Let meat rest for a few minutes, then cut thin slices across the grain. While your steak is resting, chop and prepare your toppings. Serve & enjoy!


Coleslaw would also be a great addition