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Friday Oct. 31 to Thursday, Nov 6

BC Grown Anjou Pears$1.49/lb.

F.View BC Org. Carrots$5.99.5lb./bag

Lepp's Ground Sirloin$9.99/lb.

Lepp's Beef Cross Rib Roast$7.49/lb.

Lepp's Roast Beef$2.99/100g

Lepp's Rosemary Ham$2.29/100g

Lepp's Potato Bread$3.69ea.

Manitoba Hemp Hearts$9.99ea.

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    Come in each morning to smell the aromas of fresh baked goods! Find out what we offer at our deli and bakery.

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    All our meats are locally raised for Lepp Farm Market, and processed in-house by our experienced and talented butchers.

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    The Lepps have sold their corn at the Corn Shack at this same location since 1995. Find out what else they sell today.

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    What’s for dinner tonight? Check out our recipes for a variety of tried-and-true family meal ideas.



Friday, October 31

All about the Beef!
Come early – we’ve got the best
Philly Cheese Steak & Beef Dip
Sandwiches in town!

Plus… come back at 4pm for a
full Roast Beef Dinner!

Market Soups
Potatoe Bacon Cheddar
Thai Sweet Potato

Freshly Baked
Gingerbread Scones
Perogie Scones
Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins
     (with a few Toffee Bits thrown in;)


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