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Market FAQs

• Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, Lepp Farm Market gift cards are available inside the market in any denomination. We currently do not sell gift cards online.

• Do you have an ATM? / Do you do cash back?

We do not offer cash back, and we do not have an ATM. The closest ATM is at the Shell Gas Station at Harris Rd.

Farm FAQs

• Do you do u-pick? / Can I tour your farm?

Our farms and orchards are not open to the public, only our market is. We do not offer u-pick, however, there are many places in The Fraser Valley that do. Check out the Circle Farm Tour & BC Strawberries.

• Is your farm certified organic?

We are not certified organic farmers, although our first choice is to use organic practices such as organic sprays, biological controls, and fertilizer/manure from our own farm animals. We also use farming practices that are not organic. We would not grow anything that we wouldn’t feel comfortable with our own family eating.

• Is your corn non-GMO?

Yes, we use seeds from corn that has not been genetically modified.

Meat FAQs

• How are your chickens raised?

Our chickens raised on our Fraser Valley Farm are free-run (inside a barn but not caged) with twice as much room as a conventional barn. Allowing for more space in the barns reduces crowding, which leads to healthier and less-stressed birds. Our chickens are free of routinely administered antibiotics, but as we care about the health of our animals, will be medicated under the careful supervision of a veterinarian if their health is at risk. As are all chickens raised in Canada, our birds are not given any added hormones or steroids. Their diet is vegetable-based consisting of corn, barley, wheat, and protein from soy or canola meal. There are no animal by-products in their feed.

• How are your cattle raised?

Raised in the vast 100,000-acre Crown Range Land in the BC Interior, our cattle roam free in the hills during the spring and summer. For winter, the animals are moved to the 1600-acre Hat Creek Land and Cattle ranch where they enjoy a natural diet of grass, grains, and silage for enhanced flavouring and meat marbling. We hand-select our own cattle and ensure all of our Black Angus beef comes from animals that are raised without the use of added growth hormones and antibiotics. When the beef arrives at the market, it’s dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days for enhanced flavour. Our talented butchers prepare fresh cuts daily at the market, so it’s always tender and delicious.

• How are your hogs raised?

Raised in a barn on our Fraser Valley Farm, the pigs have twice the amount of space as in a conventional barn. Allowing for more space in the barn reduces crowding, which leads to healthier and less-stressed animals. Our pigs are free of routinely administered antibiotics, but as we care about the health of our animals, will be medicated under the careful supervision of a veterinarian if their health is at risk.

• Are your meats halal or kosher?

When meat is halal, it means it’s acceptable for Muslims to eat, and the animals are killed according to a strict set of rules. The animals must also not have any animal by-products in their feed.
Kosher food is food that meets Jewish dietary laws. Poultry and meat must be slaughtered under strict guidelines. Only those who are trained and qualified are allowed to slaughter kosher animals.
Since neither Jews nor Muslims eat pork, this is a non-issue for pork. Our poultry is processed in such a way that it is halal, but not kosher. Our beef is neither halal nor kosher.

• Is your beef grass fed?

“Grass-fed” refers to a diet consisting solely of grass. Our cattle spend the majority of their life on the open range eating only grass, which, later in life, is supplemented with grains and silage.

Deli Meat FAQs

• Are your deli meats gluten free?

Our deli meats don’t contain any gluten, however, we choose to call them “gluten aware” rather than “gluten-free” as we are not a certified gluten-free facility. Therefore we would encourage individuals with severe gluten allergies to use discretion with anything we make in-house. Our friendly deli team would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about specific products.

• Is your deli meat nitrate/nitrite free?

Our oven-roasted deli meats and fresh sausages are both nitrate and nitrite free. Our dry-cured meats use nitrites as a necessary preservative to increase shelf life, enhance colour, and most importantly, to eliminate the harmful Botulism bacteria. This is the only safe way to prepare them. All cured deli meats use sodium nitrate and nitrite as preservatives to ensure, even those labelled organic or natural.

Our deli team are happy to help you find the nitrate/nitrite free meats available in our meat case.

More On Nitrites/Nitrates:

 “…in the “uncured” meats, the nitrite is derived from celery or beets or some other vegetable or fruit naturally high in nitrate, which is easily converted to nitrite. In ordinary bacon and cured meats, the nitrite is in the form of man-made sodium nitrite. But the nitrite molecule is the same, no matter its source.” – Washington Post Article, 2019

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