Our Story

Rob & Charlotte Lepp

The Farmer & The Foodie

In 1995, we started selling our sweet summer corn off the back of a trailer and then from the Green Corn Shack. We loved the direct connection with customers who appreciated the farm to table freshness we offered and we dreamed of opening a year-round farm market. In 2009, that dream became a reality; Lepp Farm Market opened its doors.

Lepp Farms in Abbotsford

We don't just sell food. We grow it.

The food we grow comes from the farm right behind our market! The rest of it comes from our second farm in the Sumas Prairie. That means your food has less than 6km to travel from harvest until it’s in your hands.

Okanagan Orchards

The fruits of our labour.

The Okanagan Valley is home to our two orchards where we grow cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums and a variety of apples. Over the summer, Rob makes countless trips up the Crow’s Nest Highway to pick up fruits, melons and veggies from our orchards and other farmers in the Okanagan valley.

The Barns

Lepp's Pork & Chicken.

Before we started growing corn, we were hog farmers. Those roots remain, and we are proud members of the BC Pork Association. We raise our hogs without routinely administered antibiotics,  and as is the case with all Canadian pork, without added growth hormones or steroids. 

Our chickens are free-run (not free-range), which means that they live in a barn. We give them twice the amount of space as a conventional barn to provide them with a stress-free environment that helps them thrive.  We raise them without the use of routinely administered antibiotics, and as is the case with all Canadian chicken,  without added growth hormones or steroids.

The Ranch

Dry-aged beef from Cache Creek, B.C.

Raised in the vast 100,000-acre Crown Range Land in the BC Interior, our cattle roam free in the hills during the spring and summer. For winter, the animals are moved to the 1,600 acre Hat Creek Land and Cattle Company ranch, where they enjoy a natural diet of grass, grains, and silage for enhanced flavouring and meat marbling. We hand-select our cattle and ensure that all of our Black Angus beef comes from animals raised without the use of added growth hormones and antibiotics. When the beef arrives at the market, it’s dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days for enhanced flavour.

Strawberry Tunnels

Innovation in farming.

The strawberry tunnel project was born to increase our farm’s capacity and extend the growing season.  Growing strawberries in the rainy Fraser Valley can be challenging. Inside the tunnels, our strawberries grow on raised beds under a cover that shelters them from the elements and catches the heat. You get the same sweet berries, now through the shoulder seasons!

Hydroponic Greenhouse

We grow lettuce all year round!

Hydroponics is an innovative growing method that uses water instead of soil. This way, we can control the exact nutrients the lettuce needs and when they need it! It also allows us to harvest each head of lettuce with the roots intact. You can store it in a jar of water in your fridge to keep it fresh.

Lepp's Daily Market

2518 W Railway Street

Located in Historic Downtown Abbotsford, Lepp’s Daily Market focuses on all things local: Fresh produce, high-quality meats, and gourmet groceries. As the little brother to Lepp Farm Market, they also carry all of our locally raised produce and meats.

Inside their year-round market is The Bread Shop & Deli, where bread gets baked fresh each morning and deli sandwiches are made to order.

The Bakery

Lepp's Daily Market, located at 2518 W Railway Street.

The Bakery is the beating heart of Lepp’s Daily Market. Our team is here at the crack of dawn every day creating delicious, traditionally made bread for you to take home and share with your loved ones. All of our bread is proudly made with Anitas Organic flour.

Our fresh baked bread is available at both Lepp’s Daily Market & Lepp Farm Market.

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A year-round, family-run farm market in Abbotsford, BC.