The Fraser Valley has long been the ideal place to grow hazelnuts…until the Eastern Filbert Blight wiped out roughly 95% of the local hazelnut trees over a decade ago. After this happened, Fraser Valley Hazelnuts took over a local production facility in Chilliwack to give BC growers a place to ship their crops to. From there, the local hazelnut industry has been able to get back on its feet, but it’s still not where it used to be. However, there are still more than enough hazelnut growers to support the entire BC market.

We bring our hazelnuts in from Fraser Valley Hazelnuts, who have been growing and processing BC hazelnuts since 2016. They’re a family-owned and operated business with a family tie to Lepp Farm Market (Char’s son-in-law Jeff’s family owns the farm). Since 2016, they’ve worked hard to revitalize the hazelnut business by giving farmers the option to work with them to help eliminate stress & allow them to sell more to local consumers (which also helps reduce end-of-season waste, too).

We carry hazelnuts in the shell, unshelled natural or roasted, and milk or dark chocolate covered.

Wondering how to best enjoy hazelnuts? We’ve got 12 of our favourite recipes to help you out!

Hazelnuts from the Fraser Valley, maple smoked sea salt flakes from off the shores of Vancouver island = a very local treat!

With toasted hazelnuts, fresh thyme, orange juice and white wine these carrots are not only full of flavour but they’re also super easy!

This recipe from his book Tuesday Nights with Milk Street was an instant hit with my friends, and is an easy, fresh-tasting pasta dish!

Brussels Sprouts are basically mini cabbages, so why not use them for a fall twist on coleslaw? Holiday meals are loaded with rich, heavy dishes and this salad is the perfect accompaniment. Using fresh, Fraser Valley veggies crunchy nuts, and sun ripened BC tree fruit create a fresh-tasting salad with layers of textures and bright flavours.

You know how you always read that yams are healthier for you than regular potatoes? Yeah….this definitely isn’t one of those recipes! Based on Produce Manager Brent’s Auntie’s recipe (with that kind of history, you know it’s got to be good), here’s a decadent side dish meant for special holiday meals.

Add these simple candied hazelnuts to salads, treats, and savory dishes for a sweet and nutty crunch. They’re easy to make and they’re ready in 40 minutes!

Have you ever tried homemade hazelnut butter? All you need is one simple ingredient (hazelnuts!) and a little bit of patience.

Easy homemade Nutella recipe! This simple recipe is made with pantry-staples, and it takes just minutes to make.

This addicting and delicious 2-Ingredient Homemade Nutella is perfectly spreadable and ready in under 15 minutes! Made with just raw hazelnuts and chocolate chips, this recipe is easy, healthy and vegan-friendly.

The perfect way to use your homemade Nutella! These truffles are easy to make and incredibly delicious.

This Fall/Winter-inspired toast is perfect for Sunday morning brunch or even a fancy version of breakfast-for-dinner.

This nutella tart tastes exactly how it looks: lush. It’s a nutella ganache of sorts, cooked on the stovetop, and it’s incredibly easy!