Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Knight’s Tale!

A great big THANK YOU and some  shameless product promotion… (try it and you will understand why!) The look on your face was priceless.  The clanging apple press machine drew you in, but it was while taking a sip of the “hot off the press” apple juice that your eyes grew wide, followed by an […]

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Apple Season is HERE!

We did it!  We survived a long, hot, dry summer and enjoyed the sweetest strawberries and tastiest corn ever grown. While Pinterest and and Facebook posts are over-run with pumpkin everything, I think apples are the star of fall’s show.  Did you know that Ambrosia, “food of the gods” apples originated in BC?  A chance […]

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In Loving Memory of Henry Lepp

Please allow me to share a personal message of thanks with you this year for the life of a man without whom Lepp Farm Market would not be in existence today. Surrounded by his family, Rob’s father, Henry Lepp, passed away peacefully last week, and we cried tears not of sorrow, but of love for […]

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