Farmer Rob makes the best margaritas. I rarely order them in a restaurant anymore, as once you’ve had a margarita made with only fresh ingredients, you’ll never go back to the premade bottles. Call me a margarita snob, but I want to taste freshly squeezed lime juice and real strawberries!

Roasting the strawberries may seem like an unnecessary step, but trust me when I say it creates the best rosy-red syrup for this fresh summer beverage. You could substitute bottled lemon juice but for a beverage that depends on fresh ingredients, I recommend going to the trouble of juicing them yourself.

These refreshing Strawberry Lemon Mojitos are the ultimate Summer Cocktail! They are made with a homemade strawberry simple syrup, plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice, muddled mint, and Gin for a twist on a classic mojito.

This recipe focuses on rhubarb, but you can use this method for any fruit you like! Strawberry simple syrup is perfect for summer using in your summer cocktails, in sparkling water, or kombucha.



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