Preserving isn’t only for summer, as autumn is full of fresh produce that can create beautiful spreads. Whether you’re making a charcuterie board, doing some baking, having brunch or serving it on the table during your holiday meals. These spreads are creative ways to use all the ingredients in season at the market.

Apple butter is simply applesauce cooked down for hours until thick and is one of the most highly praised autumn preserves! This recipe offers two different methods for cooking down your apples into butter; stovetop or in your slow cooker. Try it on toast, oatmeal, or swirled into plain yogurt.

This Homemade Spiced Pumpkin Butter is thick, creamy and sweet, using just 6 simple pantry ingredients, 30 minutes, and one-pot or slow cooker! Spread this on your morning toast or use it in your favourite baking recipes.

This Homemade Nutella recipe is simple, dairy-free and only uses six ingredients! Lightly roasted local hazelnuts combined with cocoa powder and maple syrup make the perfect sweet treat!

This Fig Honey Butter is not too sweet, full of that autumn-like flavour and is the perfect way to use up an excess of figs! The best part is that it can also be delicious as an ice cream topper.

This easy Quince Jelly with vanilla is sweet and smooth. It’s delicious as a spread on pancakes, toast, or with crackers and cheese. Quince jelly is simple to make, as it doesn’t require any peeling or coring!

Try making a Spiced Persimmon Butter this fall! Never heard of persimmons? You’re not alone! They’re sweet and crisp like an apple, but the flavour is just a little more tropical. With them being in season at the market, try this allergy-friendly recipe.

This Apple Jelly is a recipe everyone will love with just 3 simple ingredients. Plus, it doesn’t require pectin, coring or peeling.