Cashier & Service Expert

Warmly greet everyone who walks through our doors as if they’ve been invited into our home; engaging with guests to create a great first and last impression.

Our cashiers make our guests’ day, through conversation, connection and laughter. It is more than just ringing through their purchases efficiently and accurately, it is doing so with a genuine interest in fostering community within our Lepp Farm Family.

Performance Expectations

As a cashier, you will be creating a great experience for all of our guests. This starts with preparing the front end of the market for the busy day ahead, ensuring cleanliness and tidiness for a great first impression. Between ringing through products, greeting guests as they enter the market, and a variety of daily duties, there’s never a dull moment. Winning as a team means filling in where needed, whenever possible.

Relevant experience is always great, but we’re more interested in finding keen learners who genuinely love interacting with people.

Development Opportunities

  • Strengthen communication for building meaningful connections
  • Foster independent and teamwork skills
  • Increase your confidence to focus under pressure

Ready to become a fanatical day maker?

We’d love to meet you! Bring your cover letter and resume to the market to apply. For best results, speak with Grocery Manager Natascha.