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Get acquainted with the inner workings of a bustling kitchen while supporting your team and fine-tuning your own skills in the art of time-management.

A successful dishwasher hits the ground running, self-motivated to stay one step ahead of the day’s activities. They use their time wisely and efficiently, but are never too busy to take their team’s stress away. Their can-do attitude is a huge asset that allows them to keep their head up all day, whatever mess comes their way.

Performance Expectations

Without clean dishes and tables the whole kitchen grinds to a halt, so our dishwashers are a well-oiled machine moving dishes for serving and cooking through the dish pit efficiently. They engage with guests as they clear dishes from tables, refilling condiments and keeping the dining area clean and tidy. They offer a hand wherever needed all while displaying a high level of integrity and respect for others.

Development Opportunities

Expand your skills on multitasking, efficiency and staying organized

Learn the basic functionings of a fast paced kitchen

Develop key customer service skills

Develop keen eye for details and precision

Ready to win as a team?

We’d love to meet you! Bring your cover letter and resume to the market to apply. For best results, speak with either Kitchen Manager Leslie or Chef Nick.