Before I continue on any further, I want to again say a huge thank you on behalf of our entire Lepp Farm Family staff for your continued support this year.  We realize you have the option of shopping at many wonderful local markets, and we are so grateful for each time you choose to walk through our doors.  Our desire is that we will continue to provide you with exceptional customer service and share with you the best locally raised meats and locally grown produce we can grow, as well as many unique and artisan grocery items.  Continuing on in the spirit of my favorite things, I’m sharing my list of Lepp Farm Market essentials to ensure your New Year’s Eve celebration will be a smashing success!

1.  Cranberry Jalapeno Thumbprint Cookies – this was one of our most popular recipes in 2014, and with good reason.  It’s quick and easy and a perfect combination of sweet, spicy and savory. Plus it’s the perfect make ahead – bake, freeze and thaw for a stress-free party nibble.  Kelowna’s Taste of the Okanagan Cranberry Jalapeno jelly is my favorite ruby red, locally produced spicy pepper jelly.

2. Bacon Wrapped Smokies – simply substitute Lepp’s bacon and our only-made-at Christmas package of cocktail smokies and I can guarantee this appy will disappear in the blink of an eye.

3. Kan’s Gourmet Foods Samosas – Almost everything you find in our deli department – sausages, salads, appetizers, etc, are made in house at Lepp Farm Market, but there’s a few things we leave to the experts in their field, such as the samosas.  This family-owned Burnaby based company continues to provide us with the best samosas and varied Indian bite-sized foods available, both in our deli and freezer department.  I hope you stopped by their table at our Taste of the Market and sampled their delicious bites.  Their perfectly spiced samosas make for an quick and easy dinner year-round, and for the holiday season, we also have mini samosas available for your deli platter.

4. Knight’s Chocolate – I’ve previously written about this Kelowna-made heavenly combo of the smoothest dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted and tart sour cherries.  This chocolate bar is too dangerous for me to bring home because despite my best intentions of only treating myself to a portion of it, it’s inhaled before I even know what happened.  If you met Colin at our Taste of the Market and sampled his product, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

5. Walter’s Caesar Mix and Thelma’s Spicy Pickled Beans – Did you know that Thelma’s Spicy Pickled Beans are made using Lepp Farms green beans?  Add Canada’s first all natural craft Caesar mix and you’ve got the best, local cocktail to satisfy the Caesar loving friend at your next party.

6. Lepp Farm Market’s charcuterie and deli platters – Our deli specialist and sausage meister Ryan Heise has been busy this fall, creating some of the most unique charcuterie meats for your platter using our Lepp Farms raised pork and beef; Dry Cured Pork Shoulder, Dry Cured Pork Loin, Fennel, German, Duck and Polish Salamis, Pancetta, Salami Sticks, Chorizo and more…and if you’re in a hurry, call the deli department or kitchen and they’ll be happy to assist you by putting together a platter for 2, or 20!


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