Oh they mock me, and their eyes roll when I announce that I’ve found the BEST new gadget on the market. But you know what?  I don’t care, because as much as I’d love to bring in 5 different garlic presses, our little market only has room for one and I want it to be top quality.  And so when you see the Zyliss garlic press or Chef’n Citrus Juicer, you can be assured that it’s the best one of the bunch, because I’ve tried them all.

1. Onion Goggles: Seriously goofy but so practical and have saved my mascara countless times as I’ve had to chop some last minute onions before guests arrive.  Tear-free onion chopping and dicing can not be underestimated.
2. Chef’n Citrus Juicer: every other one on the market is a wimp compared to this guy.  It can squeeze juice out of the oldest, most shriveled lemon or lime your produce drawer can cough up and it’s easy to use.
3. Zyliss Garlic Press: the pros call it a Suzi, and it has stood the test of time as the best garlic press on the market.  No need to peel the garlic, it easily crushes the largest clove with ease, and all you’re left to do is discard the skin.
4. Boerner V-Slice Mandoline: When I noticed that all the chefs coming to do cooking classes at the market were bringing their own along I knew I had to track it down.  I’ve lost a piece of skin or two to this baby when I neglected to use the safety holder, but that’s the whole point.  It’s SHARP!  The adjustable blade means you can alter the thickness without replacing the insert.
5. Wine Glass Writers: Someone hands me a cute little wine charm to put on my glass as I arrive at a party, I get distracted and put my glass down and 30 minutes later I’ve forgotten if my glass has the daisy charm or the Monopoly car.  Better just write my name on the glass, at least I won’t forget that!  The non-toxic ink washes off with soap and water and is also great for mirrors and labelling serving bowls and platters.
6. Grill Combs: You put a delicious kebab on the grill, wait until one side has beautiful grill marks and when you go to turn it over, the mushroom or piece of chicken frustratingly spins around and you’re left trying to maneuver all the veggie pieces, while overtop of a hot grill.  No more of that nonsense as the Grill Comb keeps food firmly in place.
7. Kitchen Innovations Perfect Masher: The patented cutting blades won’t bend and are perfect for clump free results on potatoes, guacamole, fruit for jam and baby food.
8. Mini Cast Iron Skillet: The perfect size for individual baked hash dishes and Pinterest worthy hot cookie desserts.  And it’s already pre-seasoned for you.9.  RSVP Spice Measuring Spoon Set: I love them is because they’re narrow enough to fit into a spice jar – just totally makes sense, and no more taking the lid off the jar, only to spill spices all over the counter that you have tried to keep clean during the cooking process.You can find all of these Favourite Things Items on our kitchen gadget shelf located to the far right of our meat department!

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