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Chorizo & Hickory Dill Pickled Bean Bowl




Chorizo Sausage (remove from casing, crumbled)

68 Lepp’s Pickled green beans or make your own

¾ Red Onion (fresh or pickled) 

1 Bell Pepper 

1 cup Corn (off the cob) 

Lepp’s Lettuce (green leafy lettuce or Romaine)  

White rice 

1 tin coconut milk

For the Dressing: 

2 Tbsp Sunpic Mayonnaise 

2 tsp Red Wine Vinegar  

1 tsp Triple Smoke Hickory Dill Seasoning


Cook your rice according to the instructions, using coconut milk instead of water (be careful, the coconut milk will boil over quite quickly: keep a close eye on it while it boils). Set aside.

Wash & dry all produce. Chop red onion, bell pepper, lettuce and pickled green beans. Remove corn kernels from cob you’d like to pan fry them, or grill the corn and remove them after.

Heat a large pan with a teaspoon of olive oil. Once hot, add the chorizo sausage. Break up the sausage and stir until cooked. 

Once the meat is cooked, add the bell chopped bell peppers and corn kernels if you did not grill them.

Set aside and make your dressing by stirring two teaspoons of red wine vinegar into two generous tablespoons of mayonnaise. Next, stir Triple Smoke’s Hickory Dill seasoning into the mixture to complete the sauce.

To assemble, scoop rice into a bowl and fill with chopped lettuce. Then, scoop your chorizo, corn and bell peppers on top. Finish by drizzling your sauce on top.


Other great additions to this bowl: fresh cilantro or crumbled Cotija cheese!

A note on the dressing: you can use lemon juice, lime juice, or a light tasting vinegar as your “acid” – whatever you have on hand. This is simply to thin out the mayonnaise and make it runny. Stay away from overpowering flavours like balsamic vinegar or rice wine vinegar. I find that white table vinegar is just a bit too bland.

This recipe was dreamt up on a cold night in January with a sad tin of store-bought corn. Immediately I knew that I had to recreate this once our local corn season had begun!

The unmistakable sweetness that Lepp’s corn brings to this dish complements the spicy chorizo and tangy pickles perfectly! The crunch of the fresh lettuce balances out the creamy, creamy coconut rice. Make sure you get a little bite of everything on each forkful. And the sauce! You’ll want to make a little extra and keep adding it to every layer of this bowl as you work your way through it.

This dinner will be on heavy rotation in my house this corn season, and even longer if I manage to freeze enough corn to last until January.

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