Above, Left to Right: Lepp’s Fresh Turkey & Brining Spice Blend Jars, photographed in house. Gravy & Stuffing photo by local Abbotsford bloggers Sugarplum Sisters, and cranberry sauce by Kitchn

Christmas is just about here! With all the preparations to be made, we won’t judge you if you’re still not quite sure what to do about Christmas Dinner. It’s okay, we’re here to help.

Originally we were going to tell you about three fantastic recipes – a turkey, a gravy, and a stuffing. However, all three were a little bit time intensive (and worth every second), and yielded a ton of food that might not suit the lifestyles of everyone who reads our newsletters. So we thought long and hard about what you might need, and put together menu ideas for 3 types of cooks. So whether you’re ready to go the whole 9 yards, would rather take it easy peasy, or prefer a dinner for 2 – we’ve got ideas for you! Or, if you’re off the hook entirely for cooking dinner, head on over to our Pinterest Board full of appetizer and side dish ideas.

Going the Whole 9 Yards
Are you the type of cook who delights in every step it takes to go that extra mile for an unforgettable Christmas feast? Sure you could cut corners and make things easier, but where’s the fun in that? Well, we’ve rounded up some recipes for you! 

Turkey: Brining a Turkey

The Trimmings Make Ahead Turkey Gravy, Charlotte’s SlowCooker Stuffing, Spiced Cranberry Sauce, Charlotte’s Mashed Potatoes

Desserts: Sticky Toffee Pudding


Easy Peasy
Does the sound of starting dinner preparations the day before you intend to eat it send you into the fetal position on your kitchen floor, loathing the day you agreed to cook for your family? If you’re the cook who would rather spend a little less time preparing dinner without compromising on a memorable homemade Christmas dinner, we’ve rounded up some recipes & great products for you!

Turkey: Deconstructed Turkey Pan
Note on Deconstructed Turkey: You’re going to dismantle that turkey anyway, why not do it before you start cooking? A friend of mine told me about this a few years back, and claims it was the easiest and most delicious turkey she’d ever cooked, and it was done in record time. Plus, you make the stuffing right in the same pan, meaning there’s less dishes to clean up after. Win, win!

The Trimmings: The Funky Gourmet Cranberry Sauces (Shiraz or Orange Brandy), Lepp’s housemade turkey gravy, and pick up a stuffing kit at the market for pre-dried bread pieces (poultry seasoning included!)

Desserts: Krause Farms Apple Pie
Note on the Pie: Forget everything you know about store-bought pies – this one tastes just like homemade, you simply put it in the oven after dinner and you’re all set for an incredible dessert. 

or Birchwood Dairy’s Eggnog Ice Cream, served two ways.
1: Eggnog Icecream with Espresso poured over: a classy after-dinner treat
2: Eggnog Icecream Sandwiches: kids will love these and so will you! Use ginger cookies for an extra-festive flavour.


Dinner for 2, Please!
Maybe you were an only child, and your retired parents are spending their Christmas on the beach while you create your own traditions with your significant other. Only, you really liked the tradition of someone else cooking for you, and maybe you don’t want enough leftovers to feed you until spring. No worries, we’ve got some ideas for you, too! 

Turkey: Boneless Turkey Breast Roast 

The Trimmings: Lepp’s house-made cranberry sauce, Lepp’s Maple Sausage Stuffing, Gravy without the Bird

Desserts: Sticky Toffee Pudding Co individual sized desserts! 

Note on Lepp’s Cranberry Sauce & Stuffing: we sell this out of our deli at Christmas time, and so you can easily purchase just as much or as little as you’d like to.

Note on the gravy: the recipe I’m linking to is clearly advertising a turkey broth that we don’t carry here at the market, but you can easily substitute that for Lepp’s housemade turkey broth. The reason I’m offering this idea instead of our own turkey gravy, is because we sell it by the litre so it’s simply too much gravy for 2 people. At least if you get a litre of broth, you can use it in various recipes and it won’t go to waste.


Friendsmas Potlucks
If you’re the aforementioned parents on the beach, you may have been invited to a potluck style Christmas dinner with friends. After years of cooking for your family, you relish in the thought that your only responsibility this year is to bring a side dish or appetizer, and maybe a nice hostess gift.

Find an easy combination of meats & cheeses for a beautiful board using our guide to charcuterie.

Have more of a sweet tooth? Pick up a few treats and lay them out on a board for a nice presentation with minimal prep involved. Here’s some ideas below for what you can include:

Amai Vegan Treats: Coconut Mousse (in salted vanilla)
ChocolaTas: salted caramel chocolates
Cudie: Praline Catanies
Kitchening & Co: Coconut Marshmallows
Hagensborg Chocolates: Truffle Pigs Chocolate Bar
Skippy’s Kettlekorn: original caramel
Wendel’s True Foods: ginger snaps
Fraser Valley Gourmet: almond butter crunch
Sweetsmith Candy Co: dark chocolate brittle

We have tons of side dish ideas on our Facebook page, and we’ve gathered even more on our Pinterest board, that we’ve been steadily posting for the past few weeks. Take a peek and you might find something to fill out your Christmas menu, or to take to a potluck style Christmas with friends. The options are so limitless, we just couldn’t narrow it down to a smaller list!  Well, other than this sweet & smoky carrot recipe that we discovered this year.

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