Carrie’s Chicken Enchiladas

Carrie’s Enchiladas were once of the very first recipes we published on our website as it was a family favorite. I created the recipe for my daughter Carrie, who loved creamy enchiladas. It uses a tin of cream of chicken soup, because that was what we did back in the 1980’s! I felt it was time for a recipe update to eliminate some of the processed ingredients. These enchiladas are super creamy, cheesy and delicious.


Food in Jars Queso

We’ve been privileged to have Food in Jar’s Marissa McClellan at our market twice to do a demo on canning and preserves. This recipe was an instant hit with everyone, and our family has been making this on repeat ever since.


Queso Fundido with Chorizo

Queso fundido, which translates to molten or melted cheese, is the more flavorful cousin of queso, and usually oven baked. It’s not as “dippable” as queso as it doesn’t have added liquid, just lots of delicious melted cheese. While you can put it on chips, it’s also great served with 4-5 inch round soft tortilla shells, so everyone can make their own little cheese taco. The chorizo in this recipe is the fresh chorizo made in-house by our butchers.


Charred Tomato and Chili Salsa

You may have shyed away from this recipe as it calls for canning the salsa, but if you consume it within a week or so, this is a delicious fresh salsa to make.  Since you’re not canning it, you don’t have to worry about getting the acid level right, so feel free to personalize it to your liking.  After you’ve char-roasted the ingredients and blizted them in the food processor, feel free to add tinned corn, black beans, diced mangos, anything you like in your salsa!  


Neal Brother’s Salsa

We did a blind taste test with all the salsas we have in the market, as well as a few other grocery store brands.  The clear winner was Neal Brothers. Farmer Rob and our various tasters all said it tasted the most like my home-made recipe and had great texture.  When I read this Canadian company’s website, I knew why I liked it so much!  

“We started Neal Brothers in the spring of 1988 in our mother’s kitchen with the idea that we could offer food products that were better than what was on the market. We wanted to use a combination of more natural ingredients, good value, and sexier packaging to give consumers more choice from the typical offerings of the national brands and expensive imports”


Frontera’s Guacamole Mix

Frontera Food’s Guacamole mix tastes just like homemade and is incredibly easy to make. Just mash together fresh avocados with their guacamole packet and enjoy!

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