Speaking of Good Host Iced Tea, Tupperware jugs, and corn season, I’m sad to report that my brown Tupperware jug that has served me so faithfully since I received it at my Tupperware wedding shower (do they still have those?) 33 years ago, shattered this week.

Now…please don’t judge me, but I was actually putting some ice water in it to quickly chill a bottle of wine, and it slipped and fell. Hey, my kids have all left home, I don’t need to be an example anymore! But since we’re on the subject of Tupperware, another piece of 1982 wedding shower swag was a salt and pepper shaker set. Many buttery hands grabbing the salt shaker during corn on the cob season meant that years ago I designated this particular dispenser as the “corn salt shaker”. It was only used when we had corn on the cob, and at the end of each season I would get out the SOS pad and scrub away all the buttery gunk on it. Happily, I can report that Farmer Rob and I still use this shaker for it’s intended purpose to this day. Probably because it’s too small to use as a wine chiller. It doesn’t get nearly as dirty as it used to, but I’m excited that I’ll be able to introduce it to our grandchildren in a few years.

Corn season is still in full swing, and will continue all of September. So if you’re despairing that August is almost over and you still haven’t put any corn away in your freezer don’t worry! Actually, the best corn for freezing is really only starting to ripen now, as the kernels are plumper and sweeter due to the long, warm summer we’ve had. You can purchase one of my favorite gadgets, the very sharp and effective Corn Zipper at the market, and stock up on our non-GMO corn to enjoy in chowders, casseroles, stir frys or simply heated with some melted butter all winter long.

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