Product.Farmer's Dotter Sea Scape Salt and oil

Sometimes the best things happen by accident, like learning about Farmer’s Dotter Organic Garlic Scape Salt. Farmer Rob has made many fruit stand connections along the Highway 3 route to Osoyoos, selling them our Lepp Farms strawberries and corn while purchasing fruits and veggies from them which we don’t grow on our farms.  Parson’s Fruit Market in Keremeos is one of my favorites, and I love browsing the unique condiments Quentin produces with his home-grown products.

The bag of garlic scape salt in his market caught my eye and has become a kitchen staple. Quentin’s sister, Yvonne, a farmer in nearby Cawston, bakes organic sourdough bread in her brick oven which quickly sell out at the weekly Penticton Farmer’s Market.

Quentin’s first organic garlic planting had them all brainstorming ways to market the scapes year-round, and on a whim, popped them into the still super-heated oven after one of Yvonne’s Friday bread bakes. The now deliciously smoky scapes only needed the addition of a pure premium salt, Yvonne eventually sourcing a hard rock mined ancient sea salt from, of all places, Saskatchewan! The garlicky, smoky, crunchy salt is delicious sprinkled over steaks, eggs, seafood, fresh or roasted veggies, corn on the cob, (hello delicious!) or added to olive oil for a bread dip. Yvonne suggests “put it anywhere you would sprinkle salt but just need a bit more yum.  Using our scapes that otherwise might go to waste, salt from not too far away and the residual heat from our sourdough bake in the wood-fired oven helps us achieve a uniquely Western Canadian sustainable product. And it’s darn tasty.”

I couldn’t agree more!  

For a delicious recipe using the Original Garlic Scape Salt, check out our Crispy Parmesan Roasted Green Beans recipe featuring Lepp Farms fresh green beans!

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