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Leftover Turkey Buns


Everyone knows that leftovers might be better than the big meal itself. Whether you’re preparing a midnight snack, or lunch on Boxing day, give this method a go to feed a whole group all at once!



12 Dinner Rolls (Ideally a fresh dozen, unseparated and intact

12 C Leftover Turkey, shredded or diced

12 C Leftover Stuffing

½ C Cranberry Sauce

¼ C Mayonaise

2 TBS Butter, Melted

Flaky Sea Salt

S&P to taste


Preheat oven to 250°, Line a Quaterpan baking sheet with parchment paper so there is about 2” overhand on the long sides

Remove Buns from the package, working to keep them intact as one single “bun”. Carefully halve the loaf so that you have a single top & bottom “bun”. Place the bottom piece onto the parchment-lined baking sheet.

Assemble your sandwich with all individual ingredients. We suggest (from the bottom up) Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, Turkey & Mayo on the top “bun”. Feel free to add toppings to your preference. Dill Pickles, Dived Scallions, crumpled potato chips or Swiss Cheese would all be a great addition on top of the turkey. Season with some salt and cracked pepper.

Carefully place the top “Bun” on, and give it a little press into the toppings.

Brush the tops of the dinner rolls with melted butter and sprinkle with Flaky Sea Salt.

Bake in the top ⅓ rack of the oven for 5-10 min, keeping close watch so as not to burn the buns.

Remove from the oven, and when cool enough to handle, move the buns (via the Parchment) to a cutting board, and cut into 12 pieces. Serve with other leftovers, dipping in Gravy (if you have any left!) and enjoy!


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