Update: Registration for Lepp’s 6th Annual Peach Pie Competition is OPEN! 

Registration closes on Sunday, Aug 4 at 11:30pm. 

Be sure to read through the new format for our competition!

The Fraser Valley sees very little rain during the summer, but if you’re ever in need of a cloudy day with a little drizzle just let us know and we’ll host an event. It works every time to bring the rain on! Despite the forecast, bakers gathered at the market on Sunday with their pies in tow, ready to impress our panel of local judges. Among the pie connoisseurs this year were local cafe & bakery owner, Kristina, co-owner of Oldhand Coffee, along with her new business partner Spencer who will be the head Chef at Little Brother Brunch, opening up in downtown Abbotsford. Next to them sat our very own Market Chef Nick, a red seal chef and two time winner of Taste of Abby’s Chef’s competition, and Jason Lepp – the head butcher here at the market. 


These judges were tasked with tasting 9 very different peach pies, all entirely unique desserts with one common theme: peaches. Bright, luscious peaches grown in BC’s Okanagan Valley, picked from our orchard in Osoyoos at peak ripeness and flavour. Here’s a look at how each baker chose to use this simple ingredient, starting with our winner: Peach Pow!

Note: we’ve included descriptions that each contestant wrote to describe their own pies, but we never ask them to reveal their recipes! This list is meant to draw inspiration from. If you are looking for a recipe to follow, be sure to try Kacey’s Peaches & Cream Pie.


First Place: Peach Pow!  Randy & Kids

A family team effort. A classic peach pie with Lepp Farm Market peaches, an all-shortening crust, a hint of cinnamon and some aromatic fresh basil.


Second Place: Lovin the Fruit by Dale Drozdavich

Seasonal fruit pies are a staple of sumer picnics & BBQs – a time honoured tradition of Canadian families. Recipes are passed down from family pie baker to family pie baker. The peach pie has become a familiar favourite because of the sweetness of the fruit and maybe the shortness of the season. So many ideas, so many variations on the traditional peach pie recipe. Please enjoy this family’s celebration of their love of peaches.

Third Place: Tara’s Gon Peachin’  by Alicia Scheur

As simple as Mom’s pie plate and grandma’s recipe. Throw in a new generational twist, you get a delightfully unique peach tarragon pie.

Salted Caramel Peach Pie  by Erica & Lex

Better milk flaky crust with a salted caramel and peach pie filling topped with a crumble. Garnished with a peach rose and sugar cage.


Peachin to the Choir  by Nicole Bergen

Peaches and cream are made for each other and combine perfectly in this pie. With a hint of Saskatoon berry jam, lightly spiced, topped with pecans and brown sugar, this pie is a delicious combination of flavours!

Gingerbread Peach Pie by Keralee Latham

A gingerbead cookie & graham crust with a fresh peach filling. Crumble praline topping with caramel drizzled on the top.

Bacon Bourbon Peach Pie by Andrea Schulz

Bourbon Caramel Soaked peaches atop a bourbon crust, crowned with browned butter, bacon & pecan crumble and bacon rosettes.


Peach Custard Pie Joshua Dykstra

This original recipe features Lepp’s Elegant Lady Peaches, a custard made with local Goat’s Pride milk, and farm fresh duck eggs. The secret to this recipe…shhh…is that the peaches were presoaked in homemade elderflower syrup. This brings out the unique flavour of the peaches.


Friends with Benefits Peach Pie Sondra Katelinic

4 friends, peach, vanilla, almond and schnapps all walk into a bar. After about 40 minutes, things started to get hot. Then they got sticky. But in the end we all benefit from this pie! An almond infused flaky crust, lined in a thin layer of marzipan, filled with warm vanilla peaches with a hint of peach schnapps, and topped with toasted almonds. Isn’t it great when everyone gets along?


And now, onto the peach pie recipe! 



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