Last weekend was our 6th Annual Peach Pie Competition, and as many of you know we completely changed the format!

19 Bakers attended the event, all with a distinctly unique but definitely peach pie. As usual, the variety in appearance and flavour was astounding!

What was unusual is the way in which this competition was judged. Rather than having a panel of judges bite into each decadent pie, describing to a group of onlookers how it tasted we opened up the floor for anyone with Tasters Tickets!

These Tasters Tickets allowed anyone to try up to 3 different pies & fill in a score card which was submitted and tallied, determining the winner.

All proceeds from the Tasters Tickets sales are being donated to Cyrus Centre in Abbotsford.

The Winners.

Congratulations to the first place winner, Cindy LaPointe!

Isabella entered the competition with her mother and sister. Each entered their own pie, and Isabella managed to snag that second place spot! Great job Isabella!

Wendy Klassen called us on the morning of the competition.


“Hello. I’ve gotten a bit carried away. I baked two pies.” It was the voice of a baker who knew she had outdone herself.

“Two different pies?”

“Yes. Can I enter them both into the competition?”


This was definitely a first, but we couldn’t turn away an ambitious baker who would go that trouble. As it turned out, we had a couple no shows and so Wendy’s extra pie helped to balance things out for our attending tasters!

Both of her pies tied for 3rd place, meaning they were equally delicious and beautiful.


The Pies

In the past we’ve written the name of the pie with the photo, but in all the excitement this year, we have beautiful photos and no record of who is who! Please enjoy these visually stunning pies, and keep scrolling for a recipe that you can use to make a peach pie at home this weekend!


Feeling inspired? Ready to eat some pie?

Here’s a recipe for a Peach Rhubarb Slab Pie that you can try at home this weekend! We found this recipe in The Peach Truck cookbook. If you love all things peach, you’ve got to get your hands on this book! We don’t carry it at the market, but you can purchase it online here. This is not an affiliate link, we get nothing if you purchase it. It’s just an amazing cookbook.

And now, onto the recipe that you can try at home!

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