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Lepp’s Cedar Plank Flat-Iron Steak


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Lepp’s Cedar Plank Flat Iron Steak

Desired dipping sauce, if served as an appetizer

Desired side dishes or salad, if served for a meal.


Remove plank and steak from package. Remove steak from cedar plank and put plank on BBQ over medium high heat. When grill comes to temperature, sear meat approximately 2 minutes per side, then place on cedar plank over direct heat for about 10 minutes, or until cooked to desired doneness.

Let meat rest for a few minutes, then cut thin slices across the grain, serve and enjoy!

This is a show-stopper for any time of the year, not just summer BBQ’s.

The steak is pre-marinated with grilling directions on the back of the package, and if you follow them precisely to the minute, (set your timer folks!), you’ll be rewarded with the most tender slices of beef. The smell and crackle of the cedar board as it cooks adds some drama to the process!

I’ve found that people eat less meat when it’s already pre-sliced and usually only take 3 slices rather than eating an entire 8 oz. steak, so this easily feeds 4 people. Flat-iron steaks, along with skirt or flank steaks, need to be cooked to no more than medium doneness and thinly sliced against the grain, as preparing it until well-done will result in a tough, chewy steak that no one will enjoy.

Butchers have always known that these cuts are the most flavourful of all the beef cuts, and before they gained public popularity in recent years, would rarely even make it to the meat case as the butchers would keep them for themselves. This steak is excellent sliced onto a big salad, made into a Philly Cheesesteak, or served with dipping sauces as in the photo.  Shown in the photo is House of Q Slow Smoked Gold, Smak Dab’s Honey Horseradish Mustard and Rufus Teague’s Mildly Sweet BBQ sauce, each one adding a unique flavor to the beef.


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