Ground beef, the underappreciated and versatile hero of your next meal. Our hope is that we can expand your use of ground beef beyond tacos, and remind you of a few old favourite recipes that you haven’t cooked in a long time.

But first, a few words about Lepp Farm Market beef. Our animals are all raised at Hat Creek Land and Cattle Company in a lush, fertile valley near Cache Creek. The Black Angus Triple A cattle roam freely over thousands of acres of ranch and crown land and are finished on a diet of hay, silage and barley in Ashcroft, where they enjoy spacious and dry conditions.

Scott Meats is a government licensed facility, and a small, family-owned processing plant who delivers our sides of beef to us so our butchers can practice the old-fashioned art of nose-to-tail butchery. Every morning the beef is freshly ground and put in the meat case for our guests to enjoy, and nightly the remainder is used for other purposes. We sell frozen, use it in our cafe (hello Shephard’s Pie!), or make house-made sausages. This means that the ground beef you buy from the meat case has always been ground fresh that same day, and we manage to do so with little to no food waste.

When choosing which type of ground beef to use, here’s a few things to consider. Here at the market, we offer 3 types: Lean, extra lean and ground chuck.  Lean & extra lean ground beef is available from our meat counter, or you can pick up a frozen pack from the freezer right in the centre of the market. Ground chuck is available by special order only.

Lean and extra lean ground beef has slightly lower fat content, as the name suggests, but be aware that this means you’ll need to “beef it up a bit,” if you’ll pardon the pun. Through spices & mixing with vegetables, these types of ground beef might need some help with flavour but are a less expensive alternative to chuck.

Ground Chuck can be used for any recipe that calls for ground beef. It isn’t as high in fat as the ground beef you would typically find in grocery stores, which means it shrinks slightly less than expected. There’s still just enough fat to give it a full flavour. Due to being made from a single muscle, ground chuck tends to be the most expensive option. 

Regardless of which one you choose, our promise to you when you purchase Lepp’s beef is that we can trace the origin of our animals from birth to our meat room, and you are getting the freshest meat possible.

Now, onto the recipes!

This recipe combines everything that is good in this world. Meatballs and a sweet, syrupy sauce to cover them in. This Asian-inspired bowl is an easy weeknight dinner, especially if you freeze a batch of these weeknight meatballs ahead of time.

Don’t let the photo fool you, these meatballs can be used for a lot more than just spaghetti & meatballs (although, that’s a very good option!).

For hot summer hard working days, it’s Summertime Joes for lunch. You may eat it and wonder what all the hype is about, but for our family, it’s a special food memory I want to share with you all.

Coney sauce, or Coney Island hot dog sauce as it’s also known,  is a ground beef topping for hot dogs. It differs from chili because it doesn’t have any beans or added veggies, is saucier, and is considered a condiment.

I love this skillet for a few reasons – no mess, it’s healthy and simple ingredients, and most importantly it’s hearty Italian flavors give this dish the taste of a meal that has cooked in the oven all day.

A creamy, cheesy, taco-flavoured pasta,  a dish any child (or adult) will love!

This recipe from MEI’s Ladies Auxiliary 1983 Cookery Carousel is still my favorite meatloaf recipe, basic but so flavourful.

This 1980’s throwback recipe is still always a favorite whenever it’s served. It makes a great appetizer for game days or winter parties, served it in a slow-cooker set to low heat to keep it warm.  The sauce tastes just like the neon-red sauce served in Chinese restaurants, but without the artificial coloring and a lot less sugar.

This soup is inspired by a favorite classic – lasagna, deconstructed as a tomato-based soup topped with a cheesy ricotta and mozzarella mixture.

A speedy, savory Thai beef basil stir fry that’s just a bit spicy and really hits the spot.

Healthier Homemade One Pot Hamburger Helper. Swapping the boxed stuff out and making everyone’s childhood dinner completely homemade, and healthier too. Plus so much tastier! Think of this hamburger helper as the tastier, creamier version of what you’d eat as a kid.

These Swedish meatballs are the best you’ll ever have. Gently warmed with spices and covered in a heavenly creamy gravy sauce, then served with fluffy mashed potatoes!