Throughout July and August, our Okanagan peaches & nectarines are being picked fresh and brought down to the market by farmer Rob each week. We usually have a few varieties of peaches, such as Red Haven and Freestone, each remarkable for different purposes like snacking, baking or canning!

If you love the taste of peach but can’t stand their fuzzy skin, nectarines are for you. They are also grown in our Orchard. They are sweet, juicy and ready to be enjoyed as a snack.

While it lacks a fancy lattice crust or golden crumble topping, that’s exactly what makes it so great. The filling comes together in minutes, and the simplicity of the creamy filling bursting with the sweet, sun-ripened peaches is a winning combination.

Using fully ripe peaches and being able to choose your variation of how sweet you want your syrup, these canned peaches are easy to make and allow you to enjoy peaches year-round.

This summery sauce has got it all going on. Sweet, juicy Okanagan peaches, smoky paprika, spicy Okanagan peppers, and tomato paste are enhanced with bourbon or Canadian whiskey.

Using freshly brewed tea, Okanagan peaches and a hint of ginger, this twist on sweet tea is the perfect drink to serve at any summer gathering.

While it’s fantastic enjoyed right out of the jar, this would be a thoughtful and delicious home-made gift to give to friends at Christmas time, especially if you gift it with a charcuterie board!

This salad hits all the senses with sweet summer peaches, creamy burrata and salty prosciutto. Summer on a plate, this needs to be enjoyed as often as you can during our too-short peach season!

This recipe makes a good tangy, sweet salsa with a little bit of kick from the jalapenos. Serve it in a bowl with chips for an easy party snack, use it on tacos, or on grilled meats.

Enjoy the sweet taste of summer with Okanagan grown nectarines to make your own homemade jam to enjoy throughout the year.

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