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Morning After Turkey Hash


I love a breakfast hash and believe almost any dish is better crowned with a runny fried egg. So this meal is possibly my food nirvana, a perfect state of leftover happiness.

There’s no actual recipe; it just needs a creative touch to use up the leftovers or add a few ingredients from the veggie drawer to bring to the table



In an oven-proof skillet, sauté some onion, garlic and sweet or spicy peppers until golden.  

Add bite-sized pieces of cooked turkey and stuffing and sauté for a few minutes to heat through.  

Mix in some gravy and stir to combine. 

Toss into a preheated 400-degree oven for about 15 minutes.

Before you take the hash out of the oven, preheat a skillet and fry or poach some eggs just until the yolks are set.  

Distribute the hash onto plates and place a sunny-side-up fried or soft-poached egg on top. Break the yolk so that it soaks into the hash.  

Serve with a side of reheated mashed or roasted potatoes and an extra ladle of delicious gravy.  

Garnish with chopped fresh parsley, snipped chives, or sliced green onions.  


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