Like so many new inventions, the introduction of plastics into mainstream life in the 1950s was met with great enthusiasm. People rejoiced over plastic milk bottles that didn’t break when dropped, grocery bags that didn’t lose their bottoms when they got wet, fabric that didn’t wrinkle and finding easily replaceable materials for everything from toothbrushes to car parts. But exactly what made is so appealing, its indestructibility has now also become its greatest downfall.

The 3 R’s of “reduce, reuse and recycle” introduced in the 1970s began our awareness of the growing garbage problem, but gradually we are learning that recycling isn’t the answer either. Which leaves us with the 2 R’s, something that generations before us practiced for centuries – reuse or reduce.

Bill Gates recently wrote that “we need to remind ourselves that none of us has the right to sit back and expect that the world is going to keep getting better. We have a responsibility to do everything we can to push it in that direction.” To help us all begin to break our dependence on single-use plastics, we’re excited to introduce some great new products that are reusable, functional and fun! We’re also very proud of the fact that many of these products are manufactured in Canada.


reCAP Mason Jar Lids – BPA free and dishwasher safe,  even chipped mason jars that aren’t suitable for canning can still be useful for storing just about everything under the sun.  

Abeego  Made in Victoria, it’s a reusable beeswax wrap that protects food from air and moisture and lets it breathe just like nature’s lemon peel, onion skin and cheese rind.  I’ll admit I had these laying in my drawer for over a year before I pulled it out, but now I love using them in place of single wrap plastic wrap.

Weck Jars – Beautiful European canning jars we’ve had in the market for quite some time, but we keep adding different lids to make them all-purpose and beautiful storage containers for your kitchen or to give as gifts. If you’d like to write on the glass like the beautiful photo above, you can pick up a “wine glass writer” here at the market, too.

Stashers – so that I don’t have to wash my ziplock bags in the washing machine anymore, Stasher bags – reusable, silicone, self-sealing (zippered) BPA free bags. Yes, I really do that, and while my kids made fun of me for being cheap, I’m feeling quite smug that I was actually well ahead of my time!
(Stashers haven’t arrived at the market yet! Since it’s such a popular item, we’ll be receiving them later on in the spring, and we’ll be sure to announce it in our newsletter when they do arrive).


Colibri Snack Bags – Made in Manitoba by 2 sisters, one who used to live in Abbotsford!  Super fun fabrics, zippered, reusable snack bags in 2 sizes. Guaranteed to make your lunches more fun! (In the photo: silicone straws, which we are currenlty out of stock! We’ll be restocking shortly)

U Konserve – stainless steel bento box style lunch containers, designed by 2 moms looking for waste-free solutions for their children’s lunches

The Market Bags, Made in Kelowna.  Reusable snack bags, breathable bread and baguette bags, all handcrafted from upcycled cotton or sustainable materials

Reduce Produce Bags- made in Abbotsford, these reusable mesh bags are available in 3 different sizes, in yellow or black. Use in place of plastic produce bags to reduce one-use plastic.

And of course, you can reduce the one-use grocery bags by bringing reusable bags instead. We may be biased, but we think our market haul jute bag is a great way to do this.

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