On a bright sunny day in April, we had the pleasure of visiting the farm and production facility of the Functional Beverage Group (also known as Healthy Hooch). Their 10-acre farm nestled in the Sumas Prarie is a well-oiled machine that creates, bottles, and labels a large variety of beverages using local fruits – some even grown on their own farm. 

The Functional Beverage Group is founded & owned by Will & Sho Routley, former pro-cyclers. In 2016, the pair decided to officially retire and Healthy Hooch was born. Their entrepreneurial minds and interest in overall health & wellness naturally led them to start their own business. Over the last 5 years, they’ve moved, scaled-up production, and even started growing ingredients on their farm. Most recently, they’ve been under heavy renovations after surviving a catastrophic flood late last year.

Today, their facility is home to Healthy Hooch Kombucha, Thrive, Whistler Elixir, and their newest product – Sota!



Bubbles with Benefits

Sota is made with healthful and healing ingredients like herbal tea, adaptogens, real fruit extracts and trace minerals.

Adaptogens are a classification of herb/plant that help the body adapt to different forms of environmental, physical and emotional stress. In todays day and age we can all use a little help! So try a refreshing, bubbly beverage that’s formulated for mind and body.

Healthy Hooch Kombucha

Brewed with Care

Healthy Hooch Kombucha is a premium, raw, unpasteurized, 100% organic kombucha. Made in Abbotsford, BC, using locally sourced organic ingredients. 

They use “state of the art”, stainless steel brewing, fermenting and carbonating tanks. The temperature and acidity of their kombucha is monitored and documented to ensure the ideal environment for the beneficial bacteria and yeast. Quality means so much more than a tasty product, it means safety, accuracy, consistency and artistry.

Thrive Remedies

Organic Adaptogenic Teas

Thrive Remedies are a line of wellness teas that are caffeine and sugar-free and made with a blend of traditional and medicinal herbs. They carefully select organic herbs and extracts for the best quality and flavour. Each adaptogenic tea has distinct properties to aid in your health and wellbeing. With smooth notes of rooibos tea and a subtly sweet flavour, this drink is delicious hot or cold.

They are made with locally sourced organic ingredients and packaged in glass recyclable bottles.

Whistler Elixir

Craft Kombucha

Whistler Elixir Kombucha is the evolution of a deep love for mountain living and a vision to create something healthful to share with our community. Whether you’re a local, a tourist, on the mountain or in the valley, Whistler Elixir is a help-you-slay- every-day kombucha and a way to boost overall health!

Arjuna & Diane started Whistler Elixir and passed the torch onto Shoshauna and Will at the beginning of 2022. They’re long-time locals that love mountain culture and everything to do with health and wellness.