Our families arrived in Abbotsford to start their farms in 1948, with Rob’s father raising cattle and hogs while my family concentrated on poultry and raspberries. We grew most of our own food and naturally came to appreciate how good fresh and locally grown food can be.

Our passion for farming began as a young married couple working on Rob’s father’s farm. We’re grateful for the opportunity of raising our three children – Carrie, Michael and Jason – on that same family farm and have tried to pass our love of the land and quality food through to them.




In 1995, we started selling our sweet summer corn off the back of a trailer and then from the Green Corn Shack. We loved the direct connection with customers who appreciated the farm to table freshness we offered and we dreamed of opening a year-round farm market. In 2009, that dream became a reality; Lepp Farm Market opened its doors.


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