I had given up hope of mastering the art of a flaky pie crust and resorted to using Krause Farms Pastry Patties. They’re good, but they’re still not homemade. Then Mennonite Girls Can Cook’s founder, Lovella Schellenberg, posted a pie-crust tutorial video on her Instagram. Curious if she could help me, I watched it and tried it. She made it look so simple! Her recipe varies slightly from the traditional Tenderflake box or all-butter crust recipes in that she cuts down on the flour amount, leaving room to add more flour while rolling it out. This change solved my too-dry crust problem. After one attempt, I could feel it in my hands that I’d cracked the code and knew I needed to share the secret with all of you!  I invited her into my kitchen, and with one flour-dusted countertop and a lot of laughs, we’d created a video to share with you. The timing is perfect, as we’re in the peak season of local pie-making fruit. The crust can be used for sweet pies, savoury quiches or rustic galettes and freezes well, so you can always have a stash ready when the peaches or apples are at their prime. I love that Lovella noted that even if it’s not perfect, she’s never met anyone who has complained when given a slice of a home-baked fruit pie. So be brave and try it and prepare to receive all the accolades. You’ll be the pie-making hero of your friends and family!


This recipe leaves you with a tender and flaky pie crust, the perfect base for any pie filling you choose. Plus, it makes enough for five 9-inch single crust pies, leaving some left over for you to freeze and use when you’re in a pinch for time.

Back to basics, there are no surprises in this recipe, only the ingredients needed to bring you a slice of pie that everyone will enjoy.

This galette is a simple summer dessert topped with sliced almonds and coarse sugar, using pie dough and in-season peaches.

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