Our talented Kitchen Manager Leslie is raising her three girls to know what a good meal is all about; how to make it taste good and knowing what to put in it to ensure healthy choices are being made! Eating right and knowing how to cook your own healthy meal was a big part of Leslie’s upbringing and there is no doubt she is on the right track with her three adorable and very fun girls. ย Salads are always a huge hit at Leslie’s house, especially because two of her girls declared themselves as herbivores early on. For this reason, finding salads with protein is a must. Trust me, they have a lot of energy and need the protein!

“I find it fun teaching my girls how to cook and the enjoyment that they get from creating their own meals,” says Leslie. “My girls are growing up in a house that is focused around food culture. My husbands side of the family is Portuguese and my in-laws live to eat rather than eat to live!” A healthy attitude, a healthy meal, and passing down knowledge to the next generation.All of the above are so much better when shared. Enjoy this fresh, crunchy salad with your family outside tonight – the perfect meal for an early summer’s evening (or lunch!)

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