The flank, flat-iron and skirt steaks are underappreciated cuts that traditionally smart butchers have kept to themselves, knowing they have the best beef flavor.  While most great steaks come from the loin and the rib, these steaks come from other regions and are not cut from thick roast sections. Our butchers don’t slice these; they are the shape and size they are.  

The trick with all of these cuts is to quickly cook them to no more than medium doneness, think hot and fast, and then thinly slice them against the grain.  Alternatively, they are the perfect cut for a quick sear recipe like stir-fry or fajitas, and our butchers have conveniently done the work for you in the pre-chopped stir-fry mix you can find in our meat case.  

Remember, no long, slow braises or slow roasting with these meats!  If you’ve been unsure of what to do when the recipe says to “slice against the grain”, the flank steak provides the perfect tutorial as its muscle structure is evident, the long lines stretching down the cut. All you need to do is cut perpendicular (or at a right angle, or 90 degrees!) to them.  

Why not think outside the steak box, and experiment with these lesser-known steaks in one of these easy and delicious recipes?  

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