Every year, we find well-raised, local turkeys for you and have them available fresh instead of frozen.

Back in June, our youngest son Jason (who also happens to be the lead butcher here at the market) decided to take on this task with a friend. The two went about finding space in Abbotsford for their flock, and have been diligently raising them to the same standards that JD Farms has become so famous for.

Which brings us to the exciting part – a collaboration with JD Farms!

JD Farms, while being farmers themselves, partner with trusted farmers throughout the valley who raise birds to their exact specifications and high standards. This way, they’re able to serve more people than their farm alone can provide for, and as we are new to raising our own turkeys, we are excited to come alongside them so we can benefit from their years of expertise.


Jason & his daughter paid a visit to the turkeys in Abbotsford, which will be raised for Christmas.

Jason, alongside the turkeys that will be ready for Thanksgiving this year.


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