Wallace Spring Farms is a family owned & operated farm in Armstrong in the Okanagan Valley. They sustainably grow and package dry beans right on their farm. Their goal is to produce the best tasting fresh dry beans for you while being a friend to our land and environment. They grow, and we carry, 7 different types of beans from them: navy, small red, pinto, great northern, chickpea, cattle and black. Available in our grocery section.

Now, onto some recipes:

This quick & easy meal is perfect for light dinners or weekday meal prep.

This recipe takes some time, but yields a lot of food! It’s the perfect dish to make on a Sunday for a busy week ahead so that you always have a lunch or dinner ready when you need it.

A “bowl-type meal” is really just a hipster version of a buffet. You set out the ingredients and everyone helps themselves to their favourite toppings. If you have a variety of dietary considerations, it’s a great way to serve a meal as people can omit ingredients they don’t like.

This is a recipe that features all the best Greek foods – lemony hummus, feta cheese, greek salad… And it all starts with creamy chickpeas blended into a thick dip, just asking to be paired with pita bread hot off the grill.

This Mexican Casserole is such an easy weeknight dinner, and you can even adjust ingredients and flavour to your own tastes.