3,967 race participants in 5 different events
$370,450 raised in donations overall – a Run For Water record
10,571 people in Ethiopia will receive clean water for life
36 Lepp Farm Market team members involved
$11,230 in donations raised by YOU, our Lepp Farm Family
320 lives that have changed forever by being able to access clean water, THANKS TO YOU!!  
Please allow me to talk with you one more time about Run For Water (until next year, that is!).  Our team members had a blast warming up and participating together, and our hearts are bursting with gratitude at being able to partner with you, our Lepp Farm Family, to bring clean water to 80 families, in turn allowing the daughters of Sasiga, Ethiopia, time to attend school. From the rainy trail run on Sumas Mountain where we grilled burgers for 175 brave (and slightly crazy, in my opinion) trail runners, to the over 3,000 people that participated in Sunday’s run, along with all the sponsors and service providers, Run For Water has to be one of the most efficient and well organized events I’ve ever participated in. And in case you’re at all interested, I reached my goal of running the entire race and finishing in under 35 minutes.  34:55 to be exact! We’ll just ignore the fact that a little 5 year girl running alongside her dad beat me.

I’ll leave you with one mind-blowing statistic. The donations from the generous hearts of Abbotsford’s residents and friends of participants have saved 3,650,000 (yes million!!) hours per year from people not having to walk miles to get water – mostly dirty and disease ridden – for their families.  Even if the number is off by 500,000, it’s still an incredible statistic that we as residents of such a water-rich country can hardly fathom. Thank you for your support and your generosity in partnering with us, it has been a rich experience for us as a team to join with such a life-changing and worthy cause.

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