These easy weeknight dinners are for those first few weeks of getting back into a routine after a summer off. Plus, they’re all incredibly customizable. Don’t like spicy? Omit the heat. Switch out veggies, meat, sauces – whatever you want. All these dishes take 30 minutes or less and perfect for batch cooking.

The perfect, quick & easy weeknight dinner. This recipe is also incredibly flexible to change to your liking.

This easy (under 30 minutes) Spicy Peanut Noodles with Stir Fry Beef is the perfect weeknight meal. Great for those nights when you’re craving saucy, slightly spicy noodles… but don’t want to wait for takeout. Plus, over half of the ingredients are pantry staples!

Healthier Homemade One Pot Hamburger Helper. Swapping the boxed stuff out and making everyone’s childhood dinner completely homemade, and healthier too. Plus so much tastier! Think of this hamburger helper as the tastier, creamier version of what you’d eat as a kid.

This fall staple is a classic recipe and will warm your whole house with the smell of fall.

Do you have any day-old rice taking up room in the fridge? From our grocery manager, Natascha, this fried rice with sesame ginger baby bok choy is a great way to use up leftovers and is easily customizable to your liking.

A speedy, savory Thai beef basil stir fry that’s just a bit spicy and really hits the spot.

This sweet and spicy ground chicken and broccoli is a great one-pan, 20-minute recipe for busy weeknights or easy meal prep.

This recipe combines everything that is good in this world. Meatballs and a sweet, syrupy sauce to cover them in. This Asian-inspired bowl is an easy weeknight dinner, especially if you freeze a batch of these weeknight meatballs ahead of time.

This easy dinner comes together in 30 minutes or less, making it faster and healthier than takeout! It has all the delicious elements of an eggroll, minus the deep-fried wrapper.

This is an easy casserole dish and delicious enough for company. I prefer chicken thighs as I always find them a tastier and less expensive option than chicken breasts. And if you ask really nicely the butchers will even debone them for you!

This one-pot creamy chicken orzo comes together insanely fast. Like, 20 minutes fast. With basic veggies, a little garlic, and a hint of creaminess this supper is comforting and familiar, in the very best way.

Consisting of 9 simple ingredients, no marinating required, and only 10 minutes to cook up. This teriyaki sauce with chicken is great served over rice for a takeout at home kind of meal.